50 years


We are proud to be able to boast of two generations of activity in the production of cotton and sisal industrial disks.

Each wheel is the result of a mix of craftsmanship knowledge typical of the province of Brescia, in particular Valle Sabbia, of innovation, in order to to keep up with the times and with the market expectations.

In summary, we are able to offer our customers and anyone who wants to take relationships with our company, a continuous high level professional service, the result of more than decades of experience in the particular field of production of disks for surface treatments.




Fraid Dischi is always looking for new horizons of growing to keep up with all the innovations that the global market in the production of disks for the surfaces treatment offers today.

We try to find solutions for all the needs of our customers, by getting involved and, if necessary by creating new kinds of disks for the surfaces treatment.

Our inclination to innovation, in fact, has allowed us in these last difficult years for the Italian economy, however to continue growing, pursuing business partnerships in new markets, spreading the brand Fraid all over the world; we are very proud of this result.



Made in Italy

Our great strength is the knowledge of Italian craft production, always paying attention to offer to our business partnerships, products with very high quality at competitive prices.

In fact, the actual market is flooded with items similar to Fraid products, but sold at very low prices. The challenge of our company is precisely to compete with this kind of unfair competition, which not only aims to lower the prices, but also aims to bring the quality of the products down.

Fraid dischi srl, on the contrary, bases the way it operates on the market on the knowledge of crafts production, typical of Made in Italy, whose principal objective is to offer very high quality disks, also taking care to the price, a factor that affects a lot in market mechanisms.

We lay the bases of our business on the immense wealth of the Italian craft production knowledge using selected raw materials and qualified skilled workers into the specific sector.